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Aan de Stegge Bouw & Werktuigbouw

Aan de Stegge specialises in the design and construction of wastewater and drinking water treatment plants and the manufacture of associated structures (covers, raking bridges, hatches, platforms, etc.). We can also undertake utility work, including in Design & Construct format, and provide related products and services (construction and maintenance, wooden frames, HSB elements). Our company combines construction, engineering and mechanical engineering under one roof.

The foundations of our company are built on experience, expertise, traditional craftsmanship, consistently delivering on time and respecting appointments that we make. This is also reflected in the long-term relationships we have established with our partners in the construction chain, which is based on mutual trust and good cooperation. We also use our experience to constantly remain innovative. This also formed the basis of a unique combination of powers that has helped us to stand head and shoulders above competitors in our field.